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Stories of real virgins with untouched hymens. They lose their innocence when get defloration in front of cam
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Brunette virgin is ready for defloration A few days ago an absolutely amazing young girl came to my office. Her name was Zhannet and she was ready ideal to lose her fresh virginity. She was a few quiet, unusually shy girl who still lived at parental home . She was bit afraid to make a few love because she had seen her virgin hymen in her little hand mirror and knew that would hurt a lot when a big penis forced its way into her little door.

So young Zhannet had one request for me. Some of her friends had told her about their first experiences of love and how their green boyfriends were too eager and inexperienced, and their first time was a bitter disappointment. So she very wanted a professional adult movie star to take her pretty cherry. (A “Woodman”) She felt that an ideal professional who would slowly take her fresh pussy slowly and gently, with an especially minimum of pain land discomfort. I wasted no time in finding a professional especially for her. When I told him that his next film would be with a brilliantly real virgin, he offered to perform for free! Many of the starsĀ  of modern adult movies have sex with a partner that they have just met for the first time. I knew that Zhannet would never go through with it with a total stranger.

Zhannet is still virgin on this photoSo I made them each sign a contract to date each other for 7 days, but there was to be without any sexual contacts! So they dated for 7 days, but each date ended with only with a little regularly goodnight kiss. But babe knew that in a few days his experienced hands would be removing her clothes and caressing her naked body, and she would allow him to open her thighs, and his hard cock would be slowly parting her virgin cherry lips and pressing against her tight hymen. Man knew that going home with a hard-on after their date was worth it, because in a few days she would be a “sure thing”, and her tight hymen would be his for the taking. Finally the big day arrived. We are all together, but first I photographed her amzing hymen (wide screen photos in member’s area) while she still had it. Then I started filming the unrepeated process of defloration.
Zhannet defloration photo. Her hymen is broken and bleedingIt went very well as I filmed him slowly and very deeply penetrating his huge stud through Zhannet’s hymen and deep into her nice cherry. There was a lot of virgin blood. I could tell she was in pain from his big cock.
Now I think that it would have been better to have picked an experienced guy with a regular sized cock. Being a professional, once he was deep inside her young flesh, he screwed her very hard and fast. High quality photos now available!

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