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Stories of real virgins with untouched hymens. They lose their innocence when get defloration in front of cam
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virgin nicollet story Her name is Nicollet. When she came into my office, I told her that I do not work with kids. Her school id was made when she was 17 yrs old. But when I check her birth date, I found that she turned 18 just 2 days ago! When this beautiful virgin lifted up her skirt to show me her legs, I saw a pair of child’s panties. Nicollet has the face of a pretty teenager, with soft light brown hair. She is like the girl next door that you wanted to ask out on a date. Her breasts are firm and still filling out. Once we started the still photo shoot, she relaxed and enjoyed letting me position her during the poses. You can see that with her smile. She was very shy, but naturally curious about sex. She let me take her virginity in front of the camera. You will see her hymen very close-up on the video and the HQ digital photo . It was not easy taking her virginity. She had a thick hymen and a very small virginal vagina. She had never even placed a finger in there. Because she was so tight, I needed 2 hands and a lot of pressure to take her virginity. You will see this all in a stunning close-up video! I did not ask her in the beginning why she wanted to lose it to me. Sometimes I feel this is too personal a secret. But after her defloration, she told my why she went through with it. She and her 2 girl-friends made a pact. They vowed that by tomorrow they will have sex with someone and no longer be virgins. Her 2 girl-friends had boyfriends so it would be easy for them. But Nicollet had no boyfriend. She could not admit to her girl-friends that she did not have a boy-friend. That would be a disgrace for such a beautiful 18 year old. She was thinking about going downtown this night and finding a lucky stranger on the street and offer him a wonderful gift. But she saw my ad in the paper and changed her mind. I am grateful she did, and you will get to enjoy seeing her become a woman before your eyes. Click here to download Nicollet’s defloration video>>

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