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Stories of real virgins with untouched hymens. They lose their innocence when get defloration in front of cam
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Niko - brunette virgin and her untouched hymen Sergey Afanasiev, photographer:

"Niko was a virgin when she came in the door to see me. She came in on April Fool’s day, and 2 days later came back for her photography session. She was shy at first, but I was gentle with her and posed her with all her clothes on before shooting her wearing less and less clothes. I took erotic pictures of her in a car too. I hope it will bring back memories of your high school Friday night dates with your girlfriend.

All my models are virgins and the happiest time of my work is when I examine them to verify their virginity. Some girls are afraid, but Niko was glad to have an experienced man who was gentle with her. I opened her plump pussy lips and slowly inserted my finger. I had to wiggle my finger through her hymen and then with slow back and forth strokes, worked my finger up her very warm tight vagina. This was very exciting for me and I knew she was very turned on. She started breathing heavily and my finger got very wet. The muscles around her vagina clutched my finger even tighter.
Niko hymen defloration with dildo
The best part was when I had my finger deep inside her and I stroked the upper wall and felt the "G" spot. That is the hidden gland that can also give a woman an orgasm. As I gently massaged it she closed her eyes and moaned softly. Now this virgin would let me do anything I wanted.

Of course Niko let me to take her virginity on this session. But first, before her defloration I make some fantastic pictures of her wet virgin pussy and her innocent hymen for the last time. Her hymen was break by a not too big dildo. Niko’s act of defloration was shooting on the video too. In Defloration TV member area you can see so incredible defloration movie and of course some pictures of her virgin membrane."

Virgin Niko get dildo defloration

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