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Stories of real virgins with untouched hymens. They lose their innocence when get defloration in front of cam
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cute virgin lena ready for hymen breaking session Lena is 18 years old and from the Ukraine. When she arrived at our office, she told us an unusual story. Two weeks ago she invited her boyfriend over to her house while her parents were out. They got on the couch and started kissing like they always did, but this time their kisses were more passionate than usual and he managed to slip his hand into her panties. She told us she felt a mixture of passion and fear as he had never touched her down there before. Her boyfriend got too eager and tried to break her hymen with his finger. She yelled and forced him to stop. After he went home, she cried the rest of the night, fearing she had lost her innocence. She came to us with a request to test her virginity. She was afraid her family doctor would tell her parents.

Our company gynecologist examined her and told her that her hymen had been slightly stretched, but not broken. She was happy to hear this and so were we. We then asked her to be our model and three days later she agreed! When we met her the second time, she told us that like all girls, she likes to “make out” with a boy, but is afraid to “go all the way”. So each night in bed she uses a small doll to rub herself to orgasm. She demonstrated for us, and we shot it with video and still photos. You have to see this hot masturbation scene! Then she virgin hymen is deflorated with help of head of dollagreed to lose her virginity to us because we were professionals and she would not fear letting us take her cherry. We caressed her virgin pussy with the head of the doll. When we knew she was ready, we slid the doll’s head further in between her pussy lips and up against her hymen. We applied pressure and quickly broke her virgin membrane. This is all caught on video. See it now! >>



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