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Stories of real virgins with untouched hymens. They lose their innocence when get defloration in front of cam
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Katty before defloration

We were surprised when Katty arrived at our office with our advertisement looking for models willing to do sex photos. She looked so young, we checked her passport twice to verify that she is 18. She told us her parents were very strict with her and she had never had any type of sex with her boyfriend.

At first she would not tell us why she wanted to lose her virginity with us on video. She was quite shy and the photographer had trouble talking her out of her panties. As he positioned her for the best photos, she kept pushing his hands away. She trembled as his hands pressed on her inner thighs to open her legs for the hymen photos. She had one of the smallest hymens we have ever photographed.
Katty's hymen bleeding after defloration
After the defloration was over, she told us why she did it. She caught her boyfriend with another girl. For revenge she decided it would be our dildo and not his penis that would take her virginity. Because he was unfaithful, he will never get to take her virginity. But you can see her lose it right here >>.

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